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Fine gravel beach
Fine gravel beach
Petrčane is a resort settlement located in the middle of the riviera west of Zadar. The coast of the lower village, Donje Petrčane stretches 1.5 km-s long from Cape Punta Skala on the west to Cape Radman on the southeast with its arranged beaches all along the shore. Petrčane has been know by young people for its music festivals - in 2012, however, the venue of the festivals has been relocated to Tisno.

The more than one kilometer long beaches give a choice of various sections for swimmers, sunbathers and for those relaxing. The eastern side of Petrčane Bay, below Hotel Pinija is a popular gravel beach, during the high season it can become really crowded. The people/m2 ratio is much better on the northern side. The beaches on the north are partly gravel, partly concrete covered with stony sections on the western end. The western cape, Punta Skala is wholly occupied by the Falkensteiner Punta Skala Resort - this is a private beach for the vacationers staying in the resort, secured by fences and guards.

The settlement, of course, has almost everything that would be needed for the vacation, like grocery, restaurants and pastry shop.

Petrčane, of course, has all the services that one would need during a holiday, like groceries, restaurants, cake shop.
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Donje Petrčane from west
Donje Petrčane from west

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